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2 Things to Consider When Planting Around Your Pool


resurfacingPlants Offer a Sense of Paradise

Pools are a wonderful thing. They’re great if you plan on having friends over for a party, but they’re also great for a solitary morning swim. They’re fun in the morning before work, and they’re fun in the afternoon on a weekend.

One of the reasons for this is that pools are a refuge — an oasis where you can destress from the troubles of the world.

Nothing adds to that sense of paradise quite like the right shrubbery. That said, you want to make sure you find the right foliage to plant poolside. Here are a few things you might want to consider when you decide what to plant.

1. Think Twice About Plants that Prick or Shed

It’s probably obvious why thorny plants aren’t ideal. If you’re throwing around a ball and someone throws it a bit too hard, you don’t want to have to wade through a mess of thorns to go get it.

You also want to avoid plants that regularly shed flowers or leaves. These require constant cleaning up, to make sure they don’t get caught in your pool drain. Also, if you don’t pick them up quickly, they can begin to brown. That’s not good for the pool’s aesthetic.

2. What Plants Do Well In Your Climate?

This tip is all about good gardening sense. When you’re planting around your pool, you’re going to want to make sure that your plant can survive the temperature it’s in.

There are a variety of websites and apps which can help give you this information, but it also might be worth it to ask a friend who has a green thumb. Simply put, you want to make sure that your plants are able to survive and thrive around your pool.

H&H Pools

Of course, before you start planting poolside plants, you’re going to need a pool.

Still looking for yours? At H&H Pools, we create the custom-designed pool of your dreams. If you’re in Palm Beach, call now at (561) 774-2656. If you’re in Martin, call us at (772) 545-3066.



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