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4 Fun Hacks for Pool Owners

4 Fun Hacks for Pool Owners

Hanging out with friends and family by the pool has always been a pastime in South Florida. However, pool toys and other extras can get expensive over the years.

What if there was a way to be able to make your own fun toys without breaking the bank? With proper tools and a few pool noodles, here are four fun hacks that can make your pool more fun and relaxing.

1. Electronics in Ziploc Bags

We all like to have our phones close by us. We never want to miss a text to invite people over or to take a picture with our friends and family in the pool. Unfortunately, most of our phones can only handle so much water.

By placing your electronics in a Ziploc bag, you will never have the experience of accidentally dropping your phone in the pool.

2. Pool Noodle Candle Holders

Night swimming is always a fun time with friends and family, but sometimes it can get too dark to enjoy it. To solve this problem, you can make pool noodle candle holders.

First, you cut the pool noodle into 2-inch sections. A good number of sections depends on how big your pool is. The more you cut, the brighter you pool can be.

Then, you place tealight electric candles inside the pool noodle sections. Turn them on and place them in the pool. Now you have a floating magical scene of lights in your pool.

3. Pool Noodle Cooler

It is always fun to have a few drinks and sodas poolside, but it is not fun to have to always get out of the pool and then get back in. You can make a pool noodle cooler to solve this problem.

First, you should get, a cooler or plastic container and four pool noodles. Measure how long each side of the cooler. Then, cut each pool noodle to the sizes of the cooler.

Be sure to cut the pool noodle down the middle. This will allow you to secure the noodles to the cooler and allow it to float.

4. Trash Bag Heater

Here in sunny South Florida, it is pool season year round. However, sometimes the pool can be a little chilly.

You can warm your pool up with just a trash bag and a hula hoop. All you have to do is open the trash bag and tie it around the hula hoop. It will make something that looks like a lily pad.

The lily pad will absorb the heat from the sun and transfer it to the pool.

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