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    5 Pool Maintenance Tricks You Need to Try

      Most pools require the same maintenance schedule, as long as a pool owner takes care of regular maintenance projects such as chemical care and cleaning. However, there are additional tasks you can use to help save you time and effort without breaking the bank. If you’re tired of the same old pool maintenance, check

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    2 Things to Consider When Planting Around Your Pool

      Plants Offer a Sense of Paradise Pools are a wonderful thing. They’re great if you plan on having friends over for a party, but they’re also great for a solitary morning swim. They’re fun in the morning before work, and they’re fun in the afternoon on a weekend. One of the reasons for this is

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    History of Gunite Pools

    For custom pool design and construction, there are few inventions as important as Gunite. Essentially, Gunite is a dry-mix concrete gun, which allows pool designers to shape the pool properly. Believe it or not, Gunite has a fascinating history. It’s also one of the most important things we use in our business. Gunite and the Taxidermist

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