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History of Gunite Pools

For custom pool design and construction, there are few inventions as important as Gunite. Essentially, Gunite is a dry-mix concrete gun, which allows pool designers to shape the pool properly. Believe it or not, Gunite has a fascinating history. It’s also one of the most important things we use in our business.

Gunite and the Taxidermist

Carl Ethan Akeley isn’t the sort of guy you’d expect to invent a concrete gun. A renowned taxidermist, his work was completely unrelated to pool design. However, he had a problem. Although the way that he displayed his animals brought great acclaim, the museum he worked for was in poor condition.

One day, this led him to come up with an idea. He made a device that used compressed air to spray concrete instead of plaster. He tested this device on the museum, which looked significantly better for his efforts. The device still wasn’t perfected, though, because it could only work for an hour before getting clogged with concrete.

Luckily, Akeley had some friends in high places. Years after the initial invention, former US President Theodore Roosevelt went with Carl Akeley to Africa. While the two were on a safari, Roosevelt encouraged Akeley to perfect his invention. The man did. He patented the invention, then sold it.

H&H Custom Pool Design and Construction

Today H&H Pools uses Gunite to give you pools customized to your needs. Unlike the traditional wood framework that some companies use, Gunite can be made to fit any shape. Essentially the way it works is that we lay a rebar framework. Then, we take the concrete mixture and spray it over the pool. This makes our pools more durable than most other pools.

If you want to see the results of this process, check out the many pictures posted throughout the site. Here are some of the most popular designs we’ve worked with:
pool designs

Of course, those aren’t the only designs you can work with. Not by a long shot. The actual shape of the pool is limited only by your imagination. Do you need to fit a pool into a strangely-shaped area? Are you looking for a pool that will start a conversation because of how unique-looking it is? If so, what you’re looking for is a Gunite pool.

Gunite is a wonderful tool that most people in the pool design and construction field use regularly. If this post makes you want to see Gunite in action, check out our video.


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  • Sariah Meagle
    March 4, 2019, 6:44 pm REPLY

    Maybe I should get a gunite pool since I want a custom pool design. Since it involves laying a rebar framework for stability, I’ll hire someone to install it for me. It’s great that this method will allow me to fit the pool in a strangely shaped area and still look great so I’ll make sure to have a professional do it for me.

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