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How to: Test Your Pool for Leaks

How to: Test Your Pool for Leaks

Have you noticed the water level in your pool getting lower for no noticeable reason? If so, you may have a pool leak. Pool leaks come in two primary varieties: those caused by structural cracks in the pool shell and those in the underground plumbing. The former is relatively easy to repair, while the latter requires excavation of the entire pool.
So, how can you be sure your pool has a leak before going to such dire extremes? This month, we looked at leak detection, and what H&H Custom Pools can do for you.

Bucket Test

The bucket test is easy to carry out and helps you determine whether your pool’s dropping water level is caused by a leak or evaporation.
Turn off your pool’s circulation equipment and fill a bucket with water. Place the bucket beside your pool and mark where the water line reaches inside the bucket. Mark the side of your pool in the same way. Leave the bucket and pool alone for 24 hours. The next day, measure how far the water line has fallen. If the pool’s waterline has fallen farther than the bucket’s, then you have a leak on your hands.

Pump On, Pump Off Test

The name says it all. Where the bucket test was to identify a potential leak, the pump on/off test identifies whether the source of the leak is a structural crack or plumbing issue. If it is the plumbing, this test will be able to pinpoint where in the plumbing the leak may have sprung.
Start by measuring water loss with the pump turned on over a 24-hour period. The following day, do the same but with the pump off. Compare these two measurements and consider these three factors: There’s an equal amount of water loss from both tests. This means the leak is most likely structural.
The water line falls lower with the pump ON. This means the leak is coming from the pressure plumbing.
The water line is lower with the pump OFF. This means the leak is coming from suction plumbing.

Contact the Professionals at H&H Custom Pools

If the above tests come back positive for a leak, then the next step is to hire a professional to get it patched. The best way to test for pool leaks? Call the leak detection experts at H&H Custom Pools.
Our team has years of professional experience in all kinds of leak repairs. We’ll perform a pressure test to confirm whether your leak is in the underground plumbing and our service technicians will pinpoint the precise location of the leak with our high-tech underground ultrasonic leak detection equipment.

Pool Underground Sonic Leak Detection

Our repair services carry a one warranty on workmanship, and all parts and materials are covered by the manufacturer. As part of our commitment to providing exceptional and affordable service, we charge a flat fee for our complete leak detection service no matter the amount of time spent on leak detection. If we’re unable to locate your leak, you simply do not pay.
Click here for more information on our leak detection and leak repair solutions.

South Florida Leak Detection and Leak Repair

It’s crucial for pool owners to monitor the water level after each repair and check for additional leaks. Swimming pool leak detection can get very expensive and its equally as important to choose a professional and reliable pool leak detection and repair company for the most accurate results and quality service.
At H&H Custom Pools, we can handle everything from a minor structural crack to ruptured plumbing and have experience working with pools of different types and capacities. Stop your pool from leaking and receive a quote for pool renovations, custom design, and repairs from H&H Custom Pools! Give us a call today at (772) 545-3066 for residents of Martin County or (561) 744-2656 for Palm Beach County.


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    I’m surprised to know that there are leak tests that a pool owner can do to check if their pool and pipes have damage. I would assume that universities with olympic pools have their own pool maintenance team. For that reason, it seems like hiring a pool contractor should be their top priority to ensure that the inspection will be done properly.

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