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What to Do if a Hurricane Damages Your Pool & 7 Tips to Prevent It

Hurricane Pool Damage

South Floridians love the gorgeous coast, being close to the beach, and the even ground. Unfortunately, these things make South Florida the perfect landing ground for a hurricane: right next to the ocean and no mountains to slow the winds.

As a result, hurricanes are a fact of life for South Floridians. But because of the tropical, warm weather, pools in peoples’ backyards are a common thing to see. So what do hurricanes mean for your pool?

A Hurricane Ruined My Pool. Now What? 

Hurricanes bring with them tons of seawater, causing mass flooding. The flooding causes your pool to become full of debris and bacteria, not to mention saltwater that may damage your pool.

When this happens, do not drain your pool! The best course of action is to inspect your pool and make sure that everything is still in good condition. Check the filters, test any electrical components, and replace or repair as needed.

Next, remove as much debris as possible. Debris from a hurricane can be anything from algae from nearby bodies of water, to a neighbor’s displaced lawn ornaments. Make sure the entire pool is as debris-free as possible, including the pump baskets and other components.

Now extra-chlorinate your pool. This is to kill any bacteria that may have been carried along from other bodies of water, or even sewage. Try to chlorinate it to at least 20 ppm.

Lastly, use a two-step pool clarifier to finish cleaning the pool. After 24 hours of using the clarifier, your pool should be safe to swim in. (Don’t forget to use the second formula after the recommended time!).

But instead of repairing your pool’s hurricane-related damage, wouldn’t it be much easier (and less stressful) to prevent the damage from happening in the first place?

Ten Ways to Protect Your Pool from a Hurricane Disaster

1. Remove all loose pool accessories, including pool covers.

Any loose items in the pool may be lost in the hurricane, or worse, damage your property. Also, although pool covers may seem like they would protect your pool from debris, it may actually fly off or become damaged in the storm.

Only leave a pool cover on if it’s a safety cover with anchors to latch it to the pool. These covers are meant to withstand hurricane winds.

2. Turn off your filter and all power supply.

This prevents any damage from the storm. Remove your pool filter motor if possible, but if not, make sure it’s covered with something waterproof.

3. Don’t drain your pool.

The weight of the water in your pool helps keep the hard shell of your pool in the ground. Draining your pool might cause the shell to pop out of the ground and be carried away in the storm winds.

Though draining your pool may seem proactive, it may completely destroy your pool during a hurricane

4. Add extra chlorine to your pool.

The chlorine can protect your pool from being contaminated by anything brought along by the hurricane. If your water supply is limited after the storm, the clean pool water can be used to flush the toilet

For the best protection against contamination, add a little liquid or granular chlorine to your pool.

5. If your pool area is screened, remove a couple of panels from either side of it.

Removing at least one of the panels on each side will let the storm winds pass through much more easily, minimizing the damage to the screens and the structure

6. Don’t leave pool furniture in your pool.

Leaving pool furniture in your pool during a hurricane may damage both the furniture and your pool. Only do this as a last resort, if you have nowhere else to store them.

7. Monitor Your Pool After the Storm

Observe your pool and all of its smaller parts after the hurricane to make sure that everything is still running properly.

Pool Still Damaged from the Storm? H&H Custom Pools, Inc. Can Help

Even if you take every preventative measure to keep your pool in good condition during a storm, sometimes the hurricane is just too strong for your pool to not take damage.

H&H Custom Pools, Inc. can help you repair the harm done by a storm, whether it be detecting a leak or providing you with quality replacement pool tools.

Call us now for all pool repair and enhancement inquiries. If you’re in West Palm Beach County, call us at (561) 774-2656, or if you live in Martin County call (772) 545-3066.


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