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How to: Get Your Pool Ready for Spring

How to: Get Your Pool Ready for Spring

If your Florida swimming pool has been closed for the winter, it’s time to start getting your swimming pool ready for the Spring season. The sooner you start working on this, the better.

The Non-Pool Swimming Pool Prep

The first thing you should do is prepare the area around your swimming pool and pump. Trim the hedges and branches, prune flowering bushes and flowerbeds, and get your rake out to clean up all of the leaves, clippings, and underbrush. Be sure to clean around your swimming pool pump and filter. Clear out all of the mulch and leaves, and trim any branches that have grown too close to any of your equipment.

Swimming Pool Pump

Review the recommendations for your particular swimming pool pump to ensure you are following the proper steps to prepare your swimming pool pump for the swimming season. If you have any questions, we’ll be glad to help. Just give us a call or send us a message and we’ll get back to you that same day or next business day.

Do You Use a Swimming Pool Cover?

If so, time to take it off! Make sure you carefully get any water off of the top of your cover and then clean it off. If you can lay it on a hard surface, feel free to spray it off with a hose. Make sure you allow your swimming pool cover to dry off completely before storing it.

Clean The Pool

I start with a leaf rake, and “lift” the leaves and twigs from the bottom. It’s important to get as much of the bottom mess out before you run your vacuum. If there is no large debris, you can jump ahead to pool vacuuming. Vacuum the pool – to waste, if you have a multi-port valve. Just set the valve to the waste position, and run out your backwash hose. After cleaning the pool, run your filter at least a full 24 hours before adding anything else.

Once it has circulated a day, use a DIY pool opening kit based on the gallons of water in your pool. As a good rule of thumb, it is better to oversize these kits than to undersize. Simply follow the directions; pool opening kits make it easy.

Before testing the water, allow the chemicals from the opening kit to circulate for a day. Once the kit is fully circulated you can test the water and adjust from there. This ensures that you are only adding what you need, and not wasting money, by using unnecessary chemicals.

While you’re at it, clean all of the equipment and toys that will be in the pool this season. You will be surprised to find how much dirt/dust can accumulate on the ladder, diving board, hand rails, even the inflatables.

Time to Enjoy Your Clean Pool

Now you’re ready to jump in whenever the temperatures hit your favorite swimming degree. If your chlorine level has dropped and your water is balanced, you can put on your solar cover to heat things up. This head start makes you ready now, and not in panic mode 2 days before the big party you are planning!

At H&H Custom Pools, we can handle everything from cleaning to repairs, working with pools of different types and capacities. Receive a quote for pool renovations, custom design, and repairs from H&H Custom Pools! Give us a call today at (772) 545-3066 for residents of Martin County or (561) 744-2656 for Palm Beach County.




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    Your beautiful pool can look awesome if you do some inevitable task like, in the begining of spring season
    you have to look after the pool by going through the review of swimming pool pump. Regular clean up the entire place also enable the pool to keep it clean. I did the same for my pool and was wondering how to cover up the entire pool in the spring season. I read the reviews of popular swimming pool maintenance and did the exact way that I believe your pool can ready to prepare the challenges specially in this season of the year.

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