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Custom Pool Design and Construction

Let your imagination go. Envision your backyard oasis, and let the H&H Custom Pools, Inc. team of professionals make it a reality. More than 15 years of experience in the pool industry has made us experts in designing and building a wide variety of custom swimming pools and spas, while our commitment to exceeding expectations has earned us a reputation for superior quality and unparalleled customer service.

Perhaps your idea of bliss is to let your thoughts float away as you relax to the sound of a waterfall. Or, if exercising is your passion, you may prefer an invigorating workout in a lap pool. Is fun in the sun your goal? We’ll customize your swimming pool with features like colored lights, slides, acapulco ledges, water jets, and grottos.

Swimming Pools For Every Lifestyle

H&H Custom Pools builds swimming pools for all types of people and all types of backyards. Whether your taste is a traditional pool with a rock waterfall or a contemporary design with a raised spa, your swimming pool will complement your lifestyle and your home. So whether you enjoy your swimming pool to celebrate the dog days of August or to simply idle away an afternoon with the family, you select your dream pool—we’ll make it happen with one splash at a time.


Our Custom Features

We offer all the special options you would expect from a custom pool builder. These features are designed and created to individually compliment your property, by our talented design staff. We use the Pool Studio Design program which produces a 3D presentation so you can get a visual of your pool on your property before we start.

  • • Grotto
  • • Rock Slide
  • • Beach Entry
  • • Sun Shelves
  • • Relaxing Rock Waterfall
  • • Negative Edge
  • • Weeping Wall
  • • Fountains
  • • Outdoor Kitchens
  • • Outdoor Fireplaces
  • • Firepits
  • • Cabanas
  • • More
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  • Do I have to choose a certain design for my pool?

    There’s a reason the word custom is in our name. We can help you design and construct the pool you’ve been dreaming of—in any shape or size.

  • What is the timeline for my new pool project?

    Step 1 – Swimming Pool Design

    This step entails an inspection of your property to determine the best placement of your pool, spa or waterfall. It is critical to know the following information prior to the layout and construction:

    • Recent Survey
    • County Setbacks for your property
    • Easements
    • Elevations
    • Drainage
    • HOA or Access Restrictions

    With this information in-hand we create a custom drawing and free estimate. Upon acceptance of estimate, and signing of contract, pool drawings are sent to engineering. After customer gives written approval of engineered drawings (any changes to pool design MUST be made at this time) the drawings are sent for permitting.

    Step 2 – Swimming Pool Layout and Excavation

    Prior to excavation all public utility lines are located. Private irrigation lines are home owners responsibility.

    Pool, and deck shape are determined and laid out. During the excavation process excess fill is removed from property. Some fill is left on site for backfill around pool.

    Step 3 – Form and Steel

    In the excavated area the pool shape is formed and # 3 steel rebar is installed.

    During the steel process several other components are installed such as, skimmer. main drain and light niche. When steel is complete a county inspection is required.

    Step 4 – Gunite

    Gunite (a high strength concrete product) is applied over the existing steel structure. The gunite is sprayed on using high pressure. Once applied the backfill and compaction is completed. A compaction test must be performed.

    Step 5 – Plumbing

    All plumbing lines are installed according to engineering specifications and ran to proposed equipment area. All plumbing lines and pressurized and must be inspected. After inspection approval plumbing backfill and initial deck grade are completed.

    Step 6 – Equipotential Bonding

    In accordance with Florida Building Code and the National Electrical Code an equipotential bonding wire is installed and must be inspected.

    Step 7 – Tile and coping

    Water line tile and pool coping are installed.

    Step 8 – Pool Equipment Installation

    All pool equipment is installed and connected to plumbing. All electric for pool equipment is connected.

    Step 9 – Decking material is installed

    Step 10 – Final electrical inspection is performed. Tie-in survey is performed.

    Step 11 – Safety Barrier

    A pool safety barrier must be install. The type of barrier varies depending on the customer’s choice. Regardless of type of barrier, all barriers must be inspected.

    Step 12 – Site Compliance Inspection

    Step 13 – Interior pool finish is applied to gunite shell and pool is filled with water

    Step 14 – Residential final

    Step 15 – Dive in and enjoy your new pool!

  • What is the total budget for construction?

    We take pride in building pools to fit every budget. Whether you want an extravagant oasis with water features, a spa, and a full deck or a simpler, smaller pool meant for exercise, we can customize your new pool design to fit your budget.

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