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Swimming Pool Maintenance: Pool Pumps, Filters, Heaters, and More

When it comes to keeping your pool in good shape, regular maintenance is key. At H&H Custom Pools, we not only design beautiful and functional pools, we also ensure that the life of your new or newly renovated pool is extended with the latest equipment.

Pool Pumps & Pump Repair

Whether you have a pool, spa, or water feature, your pump is key to its proper function. At H&H Custom Pools, we use the latest pool pumps to ensure dependability, durability, and high performance.

Need pump repair? We are trained to work with many different brands and suppliers to ensure your pool gets back in action.

Don’t forget to ask us about our energy saving pump options!

Pool Filters

If you have a pool, you have a filter system to collect debris and dirt that collects in the water. There are several different types of filtering systems, and depending on your budget we can update or install a filtering system that fits your needs.

No one likes swimming in a dirty pool. Ensure your pool water is clean and crystal clear with a new filter or filter repair.

Pool Heaters & Heat Pumps

Although we live in sunny South Florida, it’s still a great option to have the ability to heat your pool or spa on cooler winter nights or for young children to play in for hours on end. At H&H, we can help you determine if an electric resistance heater, a gas heater, a solar heater, or a heat pump is the right option for your pool.

Chlorine Generators

Keeping your pool sanitary is important for your enjoyment, but there are many options for avoiding some of those harsh chlorine chemicals. Chlorine generators automatically sanitize your pool water without any need for chlorine handling or testing. These work by breaking down the water in your pool and adding salt to produce chlorine. Contact us to learn more about how your pool might benefit from a Chlorine Generator.

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