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Pool Renovation

South Florida Pool Repair

We are factory trained in Pentair and Jandy products. However, we have vast experience in all pool related products: pumps, filters, heaters, automation, chlorine generators and lights. If you’ve got a pool problem, H&H is here to fix it.

Leak Detection & Leak Repair

Pool Underground Sonic Leak Detection

If the pressure test confirms that the leak is located in the underground plumbing, our service technicians will pin point the exact location of the leak with our high resolution state of the art underground ultrasonic leak detection equipment.

H&H Leak Repair

H&H Custom Pools has professional experience in all kinds of leak repairs. A leak located in the underground plumbing is usually the worst case scenario for the pool owner and will require excavation of the pool deck or pool shell around the leak and replacement of part of the underground plumbing. All repairs performed by H&H carry a one warranty on workmanship. All parts and material are covered by the manufacture.

Leaks caused by structural cracks in the pool shell usually do not require excavation. We offer various types of structural crack repairs depending on the pool owner’s budget. We also are able to fix the structural leaks temporarily without draining the whole pool to get the client through the summer and to fix the pool leak after the pool is closed.

Think you have a leak?

The first step in successful leak detection is to gather information. Prior to calling us, you should have answers to the following questions:

• How many inches of water is the pool loosing over a 24 hour period?
• Does the pool lose more water when the pump is running?
• Are there any visible cracks in the pool? Are there any wet spots around the pool deck or around the pool area, such as constantly wet parking lots or wet spots in the grass?
• Has there been any recent construction activity?
• Does the pool have any in-floor cleaners, waterfalls, spas or fountains?
• Has an evaporation (bucket) test been preformed?


Bucket Test The bucket test is a simple test to find out if the dropping water level is due to the leak or evaporation. Evaporation can cause a drop in water level of up to 1/4 of an inch per day in warm and windy areas with low humidity. To perform this test, follow these instructions:
  • • Fill the pool to normal level. Turn off circulation equipment.
  • • Fill a 5 gallon bucket with water and place it on the 1st or 2nd step in the pool.
  • • Mark the water level of the pool on the outside of the bucket. Then mark the water level on the inside of the bucket.
  • • Wait 24 hours.
  • • Measure the amount of water loss in the bucket and compare it to the amount of water loss in the pool.
  • • If the water loss in the pool is greater than the water loss in the bucket, this indicates a leak in the swimming pool.
Pump on/ Pump Off Test The pump on/ pump off test is performed to give a hint of which part of the plumbing has a leak and whether the leak is located on the filter piping or in the structure of the pool. To perform this test, follow these instructions:
  • • Measure the amount of water loss when the pool pump is on.
  • • Turn the pump off over night.
  • • Compare the amount of water loss when the pump is off to the amount of water loss when the pump is on.
  • • If there is a greater amount of water loss with the pump on than with the pump off, then the leak is most likely located on the pressure side of plumbing, more specifically, in the pool return line.
  • • If there is a lesser amount of water loss with the pump on than with the pump off, then the leak is most likely located on the suction side of plumbing, more specifically, in the skimmer and main drain.
  • • If there is an equal amount of water loss with the pump on and with the pump off, then the leak is most likely a structural leak, located in the hydrostatic valve, pool light niches, pool fittings, or cracks in the pool.
Pool Structure Test Pool interior structure test is performed with the vessel at normal operating level and the circulation equipment off and preferably in a low or no wind situation. Common structure issues are skimmer throat openings, night niches, around the return fittings and in the grout lines between the water line and cap tiles.
Pool Pressure Test H&H Custom Pools, Inc. will perform a complete pressure test of all underground plumbing to confirm that the leak is on the underground plumbing. Each line will be tested individually at 20 PSI. During the pressure test if any line does not hold pressure this is an indication of a broken pipe or cracked fitting. Pressure testing is a very time and labor-consuming test. Pressure test sometimes requires cutting some part of circulation plumbing to be able to install the pressure testing plugs or to bypass filters, pumps and heaters that could affect testing results.

Pool Monitoring

It is very important to monitor the water level after each repair and to find out if there are any additional leaks. Leak detection on your swimming pool can get very expensive and we recommend choosing a professional company with experience in leak detection and repair that will find the leak and fix it. H&H Custom Pools, Inc. guarantees all of our work and repairs.

H&H Custom Pools, Inc. charges a flat fee for the complete Leak Detection service regardless of the amount of time spent on the Leak Detection. This enables the customer to budget accordingly and ensures that the customer is not surprised by any additional charges. If we are unable to locate your leak, then you simply do not pay.

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