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Prepping Your Pool for Summer: What You Should Know

Summer Swimming Pool

Ready to swim?

If you’ve had a pool installed, there’s a good chance you and your kids are hoping to use it!

Before you get started, though, you’re going to have to prepare the pool for use. In this article, we explain how you can achieve the perfect swimming pool just in time for summer vacation.


Check Your Equipment

First thing’s first: Make sure your pool equipment is running efficiently.

Double check to see that everything is in working order and repair any minor issues before the summer season arrives.

Be on the lookout for leaks while your pool is on by searching the ground below it for any wet spots or puddles. Listen for any weird noises that you can’t recognize. It pays to take care of small problems before they become big ones.

If you’re like many homeowners with a saltwater pool, go ahead and remove and clean the chlorine generator cell every few months. Use a hose to remove any mineral buildup and scrub off any remaining residue with a cleaning brush.

Drain Your Pool (If Necessary) 

On average, it is recommended that you drain your pool every three to five years.

You can choose from hiring a professional to drain your pool, or rent a submersible water pump and do it yourself.

Start at the beginning of the day so that your pool is empty before you go to bed.

Keep in mind that some cities do not allow you to drain your pool into the streets, alleyways, or any other city property. Always be sure to check your local laws before you empty your pool.

Once your pool is completely drained, wash the pool surface and clean out any in-floor pop-up mechanisms or drains. This is also a great time to scrub the mineral ring that can build up around the edges of the pool near the water’s surface.

If necessary, consider replacing and maintaining pool lights while your pool is drained. While it is possible to maintain its lights while the pool is full, it is a much safer and easier task when drained.

Consider making the switch from traditional pool lightbulbs to an LED fixture. LED lights have a longer lifetime and are more energy efficient than standard bulbs.

You can refill your pool with a regular garden hose, or you can hire a professional service to refill your pool. Most people prefer using a service because they use a filtration system to ensure that the water is completely filtered. It is recommended that you check your local water rates against the cost of a pool refill service to determine which method will work best for you.

 Safety First

Now that your pool is ready for use, you’ll want to make sure you keep your family and friends safe.

If you have a pool fence, make sure that all latches and locks are functioning properly. This will ensure that your pool fence is child and pet proof.

You will also need to install anti-entrapment covers in your pool to meet with the federal requirements in the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act.

Store pool safety equipment in an easily accessible area for you and your family. Standard pool safety equipment includes a pool rescue book, lifesaver ring or flotation device, and a first aid kit with scissors.

Once all of your hard work is behind you, it’s time to put your pool to good use… and don’t forget sunscreen!

PureChlor: Your Clean Pool Solution in Martin and Palm Beach County

At H&H Custom Pools, we know what it takes to create the perfect swimming pool.

Ensure that your pool’s chemicals are always balanced with a PureChlor chlorine generator. If you’re like many South Florida homeowners with a pool, these state of the art generators will help make the chemical balancing process much easier.

Our team of expert technicians are here to help teach you how to keep your pool in great condition all summer long. For more information on the many benefits PureChlor chlorine generators have to offer, call H&H Custom Pools today at (772) 545-3066 or (561) 744-2656.


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