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How To: Upgrade Your Pool for the Summer

How To: Upgrade Your Pool for the Summer

The summer heat is here, and there is no better way to cool off than in your pool. The best way to upgrade your summer is by upgrading your pool.
Check out our how-to guide for the perfect summer upgrades for your pool!


Resurfacing a concrete pool restores beauty and can create a whole new look for your pool. It will fix cracked or roughened surfaces, and can even extend the longevity of your pool. For pools with a vinyl interior, a new replacement liner can completely change the entire look of your pool! Vinyl covers come in a variety of patterns and colors that you can match to your personal style.

Switch out the Tile

Just like a backsplash, tile can really change and enhance the look of your pool. Switching out your current tiles will upgrade your pool for a great value. Glass tiles come in beautiful rich colors and patterns, which can even be made into a beautiful mosaic.


Adding new lights will help with both the appearance and safety of your pool. With the added light, your pool will be more visible. LED color changing lights offers vibrant hues that will add more drama and fun to your pool. These can be added with little or no changes to your current pool setup.

Pool Automation

The ultimate pool upgrade is adding automation to your pool. Automation systems allow you to pre-schedule your pools filtrations, temperature, lighting, and more. Not only does it make pool maintenance easier, it also saves you money since you will end up conserving energy and saving time on cleaning your pool. Pool Automation continues to advance, making your pool experience even better. In fact, there are even rumors of a product that will project movies or pictures as you are swimming!

Upgrade with H&H Custom Pools

Ready for an upgrade? H&H Custom Pools specializes in creating the pool of your dreams! We offer a large range of services from repairs, renovations, custom designs, and much more!
To learn more give us a call at (772) 545-3066 for residents in Martin County or (561) 744-2656 for Palm Beach County. We look forward to creating your personal backyard paradise!


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